Sie sind hier: Dresden17 / Veranstaltungen / Kühn für die Bühne? Brilliant auf der Bühne? Auf zum EinsteinSlam! Sei gewitzt und nimm teil - Let Science Rock!



Keen to hit the stage and fascinate the audience? The EinsteinSlam is yours! Be smart, take part, let science rock.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017, 20:00, Audimax (Lecture Hall Centre, room HSZ 01)


EinsteinSlam is the competitive art of making complex science accessible to a broad audience. There are just 10 minutes for every attendee to present his / her self-made performance. The event will finish with a public poll in order to evaluate if a particular contribution was either instructive and amusing or rather should have never been performed. All presentations will be given in German. For more information please see .

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